How to prolong an erection: how and what to do so that a man has a penis for a long time
In order for the quality of sex to be at its best, you need to know how to prolong an erection and what needs to be done to make a man’s penis stand for a long time.

Improving the quality of sex: how to prolong an erection in men

Medical statistics claim that a third of the representatives of the strong half of humanity has various problems in the sexual sphere, including often turning to doctors with the question of how to prolong an erection. At the same time, erectile dysfunction significantly “younger”.

Increasingly, doctors reveal the absence of a riser even in twenty-year-old guys. Such dysfunction rarely becomes irreversible. Sometimes it’s enough just to change your usual diet and lifestyle so that questions about how to prolong an erection in men or how to make your sexual partner also enjoy it no longer arise..

The content of the article

  • Standards for the duration of sexual intercourse
  • Useful video: how to prolong sexual intercourse
  • Causes of weak arousal
  • Useful video: 5 ways to prolong sexual intercourse
  • Ways to prolong an erection
    • Preventive exercises
    • Topical ointments and creams
    • Psychoautogenic training
    • Correction of lifestyle and nutrition
  • Useful video: about the most relevant methods of prolonging sexual intercourse
  • Conclusion

Standards for the duration of sexual intercourse

  1. Prelude. A favorable atmosphere for sex is created, sexual partners caress each other so that the vagina is moistened and the penis is standing. The duration of this stage is always different.
  2. Stage of sexual arousal. The penis at this time is standing, its head is increasing, as are the female labia. The intimate organs of both men and women are covered with secretions of mucus.
  3. Friction stage (friction stage). The duration of frictions for each pair of sexual partners takes a different time. It is this stage that I really want to extend..
  4. The final stage. At this stage, the work of the nervous system is inhibited, satisfaction occurs in sexual partners, the muscles of the legs and pelvis contract. Usually at this time, caresses of sexual partners are still ongoing. The duration of the stage, according to doctors, can be very long..

The duration of sexual intercourse is an individual indicator for each representative of the stronger sex. However, scientists from buy sildenafil 100mg online medicine have determined the approximate norms of this process..

There are many factors that affect the duration of sexual intercourse, the first of which is the age of the stronger sex. But the opinions of doctors and scientists on this issue differ..

note! Research on the duration of sex was conducted through a survey. Answers by doctors are not considered completely truthful, as many young people exaggerate their sexual abilities..

Scientists, using special techniques, determined the average duration of sexual intercourse (from the moment the penis enters the vagina until ejaculation). The duration of sex is from five to ten minutes. However, urologists consider the duration of sexual intercourse for healthy men to be from two to six minutes..

If ejaculation occurs faster, then this condition is called relatively or absolutely accelerated ejaculation. In the first case, sex lasts from 30 seconds to two minutes, and its duration in the second is less than half a minute..

  1. sex frequency. The less frequently a man has sexual intercourse, the more likely it is that he will have an early ejaculation, and the penis will quickly go limp.
  2. Age. Scientists note that at a young age, sex can be longer due to lack of experience. Then the time of this process will gradually decrease (22-26 years), and then lengthen again, as excitability in adult men gradually decreases..
  3. Health status. With excessive fatigue or the presence of a cold, sexual intercourse is likely to be lengthened, and ejaculation may not occur at all, and the penis will continue to stand. The representative of the stronger sex does not always enjoy sex in this state.
  4. Environment. Lighting, music, comfort level affect the prolongation of erection. Some men are highly aroused by the novelty of sex, such as intercourse in a park or forest. In this case, ejaculation will come pretty quickly. With a low level of comfort, a man will have a long erection.

With a strong attraction to a woman, the peak of pleasure in the representative of the stronger sex can come very quickly.

After ejaculation, the penis becomes soft.

Useful video: how to prolong sexual intercourse

Causes of weak arousal

Factors affecting the weakening of the riser can be divided into two types – physiological and psychological. The second ones are:

  • stress, nervous and emotional overstrain;
  • excessive fatigue;
  • experiences associated with unsuccessful sexual intercourse;
  • depressive states.

These reasons can lead not only to the weakening of the riser and other sexual dysfunctions. Due to their prolonged exposure, even a complete absence of erectile function is possible, in which the penis does not rise.

  • diabetes;
  • pathology of the heart and blood vessels;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • disorders in the functioning of the brain, as well as the spinal cord;
  • long-term use of certain medications;
  • bad habits – smoking, drug use, alcohol abuse;
  • malnutrition, overweight;
  • prostate disease.

Diseases of the genitourinary system, namely, inflammatory processes in it, can also lead to unpleasant consequences for the riser. To understand how to prolong erection time, you should consult a doctor and follow his recommendations..

Useful video: 5 ways to prolong sexual intercourse