We are Remik

Our Universe and We are simply a perfect symphony of elements in different forms. Everything that has been made, evolved and transformed are further combinations and regrouping of the same elements to form matter, chemicals, compounds and many more. It is not merely their presence that binds us together but rather the perfect chemistry that shapes our modern earth and living science. Within this realm of boundless possibility lies the heart of Remik, a visionary chemical company where innovation converges with a drive to shape the landscape of our contemporary world. 

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About Us


Remik serves as the indispensable ‘covalent bond’ that unites industries across diverse disciplines. With our 50+ years of unparalleled experience in the chemicals sector, we understand what each industry needs, how to adeptly source the need and how to supply them in the most efficient and cost-effective manner imaginable. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us the trust and loyalty of over 150 clients, both domestic and international, spanning 16 dynamic industries. This steadfast partnership has propelled us from strength to strength, cementing our position as a trusted leader in the global marketplace

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Our Chemistry

Our Chemistry

We share a unique chemistry with our customers - one that endures through unwavering dedication to meeting their evolving needs, embracing emerging technologies, and navigating lean margins with agility. We have always gone the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction by delivering exceptional products, services, and value-added benefits. 

Our Nucleus

Our Nucleus

At the core of what we do across the industries that we are in and across the products, we manufacture and supply is Quality. It is a tree that we do not cut but only allow it to grow. Quality is embedded in Remik’s DNA which resonates through our people, is infused in our culture and drives our businesses forward. 

Our Catalysts

Our Catalysts

Without an iota of doubt, our people are the success drivers of Remik. They are the catalysts that push the company forward at an unprecedented pace. Without their dedication, knowledge and their zeal to do more, Remik would not have been able to achieve what it has. The teamwork with which each of the tasks and challenges are taken up is worth emulating and we nurture this virtue across the board.