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Shri. Praful Contractor

Remik is the fruit of Shri Praful Contractor’s vision; A vision that continues to live and lead Remik forward.

Praful Contractor knew what it would take to make India an established name in the manufacturing world. But first, to get there, he knew that global exposure was essential for him. This led him to pursue an MBA from the renowned Standford Graduate School of Business, USA.

With a drive to do more for his home country and to make a positive impact, Prafulji returned to India in 1959. He started off his professional career with multiple leading organisations of his time to get his ‘hands dirty’ and to understand the business scenario in India. Later, the entrepreneur in him joined hands with people who shared his vision of ‘Make India Great’ to establish a trading and marketing company based on Chemicals. He learnt the nuances and the macro details of the business and kept going at it for close to a decade. In the year 1978, he established Remik. With his sharp business acumen, foresight and networking abilities, Prafulji earned the trust and businesses of elite companies in India.

Today, Remik stands as a beacon of visionary innovation in the chemical industry. Backed by world-class suppliers delivering top-tier products, and boasting a diverse clientele spanning across nations and industries, Remik remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence. Our organisation pulsates with the same fervour and passion as on Day 1, if not more, driving us to push boundaries in the ever-evolving landscape of chemistry and commerce.

Chanakya Contractor
Chairman & Managing Director