The Strengths of Remik

Remik plays a huge role in orchestrating the chemical industry and creating a perfect symphony through its Services and Expertise. With our indomitable experience and professional know-how, Remik walks the talk and gets things done!

Diverse Product Portfolio

Remik as an organisation handles a diverse range of chemicals that have application across multiple industries including pharmaceuticals, electronics, automotive and more. From industrial grade and specialty grade chemicals to solvents and reagents, Remik has the infrastructure, subject matter expertise and proficiency to distribute, market and sell these chemicals across the country and abroad. 

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain dynamics of the chemical industry is challenging, ever- evolving and needs precision. And this is what Remik offers to its esteemed clientele.  With streamlined processes and operations, Remik is an expert at handling, packaging and labelling of chemical products needed for various industries. With our top-tier warehouses coupled with logistics solutions, you can rest assured that your material is handled by the best in the chemical industry domain. 

Global Reach

Most companies across industries demand chemicals from manufacturers across the world. It takes a Company like Remik to comply with all the statutory regulations, trade agreements and import all the required raw materials. We are committed to delivering them on time without causing any interruption to manufacturing and allied businesses. 

Regulatory Compliances

Unlike other industries, the chemical distribution industry is subject to stringent regulatory requirements due to the nature of the products being handled. We guarantee you that Remik complies to all safety, environmental and health regulations. 

Risk Management

Dealing with chemicals brings along inherent risks. At Remik, we have implemented the highest levels of safety across our logistics channels, warehouses, manufacturing locations etc so that your materials and products are always wherever they are in the value chain. But should things go adversely, we have taken all precautions possible safety measures including emergency response plans, rigorous training to our personnel and other risk mitigation strategies. 

Technology Integration

The industry is increasingly adopting technology and so are we at Remik. With the latest softwares and systems running our inventory management, order processing, and logistics, we run our operations lean, fast and optimised. This helps improve our efficiency, reduce costs and deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction every single time. 

Market Trends

The markets, both international and domestic, are having a key focus on environmental sustainability and green chemistry. As Distributors, Remik is also increasingly aware and implementing sustainable sourcing, eco-friendly packaging, and promoting environmentally responsible practices such that organisations can achieve their sustainability goals with Remik as their trusted partner. 

Market Dynamics

The chemical industry is subject to constant changes and updates. Economic conditions, regulatory changes and advancements in chemical manufacturing technologies is inevitable. Understanding market trends is crucial for sustained success and staying ahead of the curve is Remik.