The water treatment industry relies on a variety of chemicals to treat and purify water for different applications. These chemicals play a crucial role in removing impurities, disinfecting water, and ensuring that it meets the required quality standards. Here are some key chemicals used in the water treatment industry

  • Polymeric Antiscalants: Carboxylate polymers are one of the important and key raw materials to be used in industrial water treatment like boiler, cooling circuits, RO plants, desalination and in sugar evaporators etc. These polymers are used for scale prevention and dispersants of insoluble solids for water treatment industry.
  • Coagulants
    Aluminum Sulfate (Alum):
    Used as a coagulant to form flocs that help in the removal of suspended particles.
    Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC):
    Another coagulant used for water clarification.
  • Activated Carbon: Used for the removal of organic impurities, taste, and odour from water.
  • Bromine Compounds Bromine-based chemicals: Used as an alternative to chlorine for disinfection.